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Everything you need to know

Our videos and training can help you understand your rights and obligations regarding your temporary stay in Estonia.

No matter where you are

The online training and materials are accessible no matter where you are. You’re more than welcome to explore even before arriving in Estonia.

For people with a D-visa

The training is provided for people who have already arrived in Estonia or are going to arrive with a D-visa, as well as for the employers who recruit them.

Participate in free training and receive informational material

Get acquainted with Estonian work and everyday life through the website or participate in free training seminars in the classroom.

Our free information materials cover all of the most important topics, from the rights and obligations of the employee to everyday issues such as living conditions, language training, medical care, educational opportunities, and banking services in Estonia.


Want to learn more about Estonia? These videos will help you to get acquainted
with Estonian culture, language and work conditions.


Please check out our comprehensive handbook for a better overview of life in Estonia. You will receive a PDF or paper copy when you attend our training seminar.

If you have a residence permit in Estonia, please visit the Settle In Estonia website.